Why Should You Send E Newsletters?

Flashy public relations campaigns and advertisements are fine, but today’s consumers want to know more about the company behind the marketing campaigns. They need to have confidence in the company, know it behaves ethically, and has specific expertise and qualifications that can help solve their customers’ problems.

Contribute to Your Readers’ Professional Growth

With the economy being somewhat unpredictable today, anything you can do to help your customers gain useful information and add value to their companies is a good move. Your expertise, via an E-Newsletter each month, lets your readers know that your willingness to help and share useful information is always available.

For example, some of the feedback from the Biz Talk E-Newsletter includes:

“I just wanted you to know that I so often delete the stuff sent to my small publishing company via email. However, Five Sparrows is so relevant, insightful, and concise, that I always read it and glean something from it. Keep up the good work!” T.M., Livingston County, MI

“I just received my first issue of your e-newsletter. Very professional: short, easy articles and pertinent……” S.H., Clarkston, MI

Something Readers Can Count On

If you are going to begin a regular E-Newsletter program for your customers and prospects, make sure you plan ahead and maintain consistency. Whether it’s a quarterly, monthly, or weekly newsletter, be consistent in sending it out according to a regular schedule. Your readers will begin to recognize your newsletter when it shows up in their email inboxes, which helps you gain name recognition and readers’ mindshare. It also reinforces the idea that your company is stable and can be counted on.

Tips for Creating a Great E-Newsletter

The most important thing to give your readers is interesting, useful content. Don’t just throw something together without thinking it through. Also, make sure your writing, tone, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. is professional and correct. Don’t let small mistakes chip away at your credibility!

Design your e-newsletter to help readers determine what articles are worth reading. Use headlines, linked navigation menus, and other visual cues to help readers find the information that is most important to them. Avoid listing a bunch of links to articles – this leaves readers to fend for themselves in determining which (if any) of the articles are worth their time.

Use a clean, appealing, graphically appropriate design format for your newsletter. Incorporate your business name into the newsletter, but don’t overwhelm your readers with it. Remember, this is a newsletter, not an advertisement or flyer. Be sure to include your contact information, and always use a spam-compliant listserv service for distribution.

Remember, the goal is to provide a great e-newsletter to your readers and remind them that your company has specific expertise and can be counted on. It can be a powerful way to build your reputation and drive new business your way.

Lauren Hobson of Five Sparrows, LLC, is the author of the Five Sparrows Biz Talk eNewsletter, a free, subscription-based monthly newsletter designed to help small businesses with web site and marketing without spending a lot of money. To subscribe, go to http://www.fivesparrows.com/biztalk.htm

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