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Weight training has a lot to say for itself and should be adopted as a part of one's daily life, at home and while working around the house. Weight bearing exercises not only retain muscular strength but also delay the loss of muscle mass and bone density as well.

. Biceps Curls: Stand with feet apart. Carry dumbbells or two water bottles(one in each hand). Flex the elbow, lift the water bottle or dumbbell towards the shoulder and bring it back to the starting point without locking the elbow. Exhale as you take the arm up and inhale when you bring the arm down. Repeat it 16-24 times. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the arm.

. Shoulder Press: Standing in the same position, take both arms overhead taking the weights towards the ceiling. Bring the arms back to the shoulder level. Repeat it 16-24 times. This exercise will strengthen the shoulders.

. Squats: Standing in the same position, place the water bottle or dumbbell on the shoulder. Lower the hips toward the floor making sure that the hips are pushed back, like you are trying to sit on a chair. Repeat it 16-24 times. This exercise will strengthen all the muscles in the lower body.

Random Tip: Weight train at home using stability ball is an effective and cheap way to exercise.

Muscular soreness port-exercises is the bane of some of the women. Women just hate to be sore the day after a workout. Weight Training effects muscles in a positive way but it does result in DOMS or a delayed onset of muscular soreness. this is a natural physiological response to weight training and goes away the day after.

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As one ages, the muscle mass starts reducing in size and strength as does the density of bones.

Post menopausal women get tired very fast and cant cope with day-to-day activities as easily as they could in younger years. These women are also plagued with inexplicable pain in the joints or the back. Weight bearing exercises are a boon for women of this age.

Random Fact: Weight training helps in more ways than one. It makes you stronger and slimmer without making you look like a wrestler.

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